My intricate detailed geometric art is a passion that has consumed my dreams and waking life, the more I create the more I wish to create. My aim is to illustrate the point of lucidity between dream state and waking life, the point of dawn and dusk when the light can play tricks on the eye.

I am a UK based artist living in Sussex with my wife and children, we live on the edge of the South Downs and some ten minutes’ walk from the sea. I feel blessed with my wonderful surroundings finding inspiration every day when out walking with our dog Dizzy. I have drawn and painted for most of my life, and as time has passed I have become more involved and committed to my work, I now spend as much time as I can in the studio drawing or painting.

From an early age I have always loved geometric pattern and art, as a child at school I was introduced to pictures by the artist M.C. Escher, they used to fascinate me, later I was given a book of his work. I would spend hours analysing the patterns in his images. This was certainly a catalyst for my love of geometry in art and painting.

My Geometric paintings involve many hours of line drawing using a ruler, pencil and compass. I then mark out the drawing to define the final image which enables me to see more clearly what I am working with. Each part of the painting can have many working construction lines which at times can look chaotic and confusing especially during the early stages of the art work.  When the construction lines are complete and the pencil erased away, the time consuming process of colouring can begin. To date I have chosen to work with acrylic paints or chalk and ink pens.

During 2015 I built a studio space in the garden. Prior to this all my art has been created in the front room often taking over the dining room table. This meant that time to draw and paint was limited.

A painting that could take 200 hours or more to complete would be stretched out over months, often only completing one finished painting per year. Now I am able to work at a far more natural pace and concentrate on numerous projects simultaneously and feel very fortunate that I have the space and time to spend in my studio.

 Whilst there is always a great place for digital art, something which I do experiment with on occasion, I currently prefer to keep my main body of work to traditional hand drawn and painted pieces of art. All of my current geometric artworks are hand drawn and painted from start to finish. The only point of using digital form is for reproduction purposes, even at this point I prefer to err on the side of caution when proofing my reproduced images, with the aim of keeping them akin to the original work.